Carousel (Mobil) - contrast animals


Carousel Set - Mobil Contrast Blocks: Blossom in a World of Contrasts

With pride, we present the unique Carousel Set - Mobil Contrast Blocks, perfect for placing on a baby's crib. This charming set, featuring five carefully selected animals from the black-natural collection, not only catches the eye but, more importantly, stimulates your little one with a contrasting color palette that is remarkably noticeable from the very first days of life. The adjustable length of the pendants opens up a world of possibilities for your child's play – from calm observation before sleep to active joy during the day.

Montessori-Inspired Development

Our Mobil is inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, stimulating a child's developing abilities through independent exploration of the surrounding world. The innovative crane design allows the little one to practice motor skills, and the specially designed ball at the bottom of the crane arm prevents accidental pendant dropping. Our proprietary attachment system ensures safety – the risk of pendant falling is minimal, and changing them is convenient for parents.

Modern Design, Easy Installation

Nasza nowoczesna konstrukcja to wynik długotrwałej pracy i rozwoju. Montaż Mobilu na ramie łóżeczka jest niezwykle prosty – wystarczy go położyć w odpowiednim nacięciu, dostosowanym do grubości barierki łóżeczka. Stabilność jest zapewniona dzięki trójkątnemu elementowi poprzecznemu. Dodatkowo, nasza karuzela jest łatwo przesuwana, co ułatwia wkładanie i wyjmowanie dziecka z łóżeczka. Do zestawu dołączona szpila zwiększa bezpieczeństwo, wsuwając się od zewnętrznej strony.

Hand-Painted, Individual Character

We believe in the uniqueness of each product. That's why every part of our Mobil is hand-painted. This may result in subtle shade differences compared to the photos, but you can be sure that we prioritize the highest quality and attention to detail


The Carousel Set - Mobil Contrast Blocks is not just a toy; it's a tool that supports development and brings joy to your child. Designed with safety and education in mind, this Mobil provides many hours of fascinating play and developmental stimulation. Give your little one the chance to explore the world in a safe and engaging way.


  • Dimensions: height 37 cm, width 14 cm, depth 38.5 cm + 2,7 cm pin,
  • hangers height: , width ,
  • gap for baby cot frame 2.5 cm
  • Material: beech and ash wood, circle – plywood
  • Paint and oil: natural, safe for children
  • CE Certificate

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